The Inquiry's expert panellists come from diverse backgrounds, including Ministers of State and world-renowned climate experts, authors and campaigners.

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Julia Blocher

President of the International Youth Federation

Sophie Cowen

Founder and Campaign Director for

Richard Dunne

Harmony Project Lead at the Sustainable Food Trust

John Elkington

Founding Partner of, and Chief Pollinator at, Volans

Monica Feria Tinta

Leading public international law barrister

Paula Francisco Coelho

Secretary of State for the Environment, for the Republic of Angola

Beatrice Karanja (Chair)

Strategic communications specialist

Louise Mabulo

Founder of the Cacao Project in the Philippines

Paul Polman

Co-Founder and Chair of IMAGINE

Jacobo Pombo Garcia

President of the Global Youth Leadership Forum in Spain
Found 10 Results
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The Report

The Report will be officially launched and presented to delegates during COP26 with the intention of driving engagement with its findings and spurring further action through the extensive network created by the Inquiry’s young leaders, panellists and partner organisations.